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Frequently asked questions 

1) How much does it cost?


A general guide is around £70 for therapy. The price varies depending on the length of session and complexity of the child's needs. Assessments start at £150 and include assessments of your child's development, providing information of how your child is developing against developmental norms. 


2) Is there any help for speech and language therapy?

Yes,  Cerebra is an organisation which will support some therapy. For a full outline of the criteria and for further information, please visit their website.


3) What should I look for when employing a therapist?

Make sure they are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. This ensures your therapist has signed up to the professional standards recommended. Membership to ASLTIP also provides security in the knowledge that your therapist has access to other therapists, supervision, training and has provided evidence of registration to necessary professional bodies. Make sure your therapist is experienced in the areas important for you and your child. If they aren't, they are likely to know someone who is or how to find them.


4) We don't live in Lincoln?

Speechlinc provides therapy within Lincolnshire. However, there may be a therapist closer to you - so check out www.helpwithtalking.com 


5) Will my child lose their NHS therapist?

No, there is a "working in harmony" guidelines which states that NHS therapists are not allowed to discharge a child because of the involvement with the private sector. Speech Linc works closely with other professionals to ensure your child has access to more therapy not less. 


6) Should I inform my child's NHS Therapist?

Yes, it is recommended and allows for both therapists to work in harmony and to compliment each other, rather than offering conflicting resources and programmes. There are times when a second opinion is sought and Speech Linc will always seek parental consent regarding sharing of information.


7) How long do we have to wait to be seen?

As with many independent providers, the benefits are short waiting times and appointments convenient to you and your child. Speech Linc aims to see children within 2 weeks of referral and an idea of an initial appointment date/time is often discussed during the free telelphone consultation.


There are often so many questions,  so please do not hesitate to contact Michelle 07753 727728 


Independent speech and language therapy for children. 

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