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Speech linc provides speech and language therapy to children within their home, education or social setting. Parents are very important and Speech Linc ensures they are well informed by providing frequent liaison following therapy sessions and offering therapy suggestions, which are fun and can be part of everyday routines.


Speech Linc may support children in a variety of ways such as: 

  • listening and attention skills
  • understanding vocabulary and following instructions
  • joining words to make sentences
  • developing new vocabulary
  • using sounds correctly
  • developing social skills

Speech Linc can provide 

  1. a free telephone consultation to discuss your concerns and the possible therapy approaches available
  2. an initial assessment at a chosen setting. This will involve discussing the childs history, observations, playing with the child and the use of informal and /or formal assessments, where appropriate.
  3. a detailed report follows the inital assessment, outlining the child's strengths and current needs, as well as providing strategies and suitable activities to support the child.
  4. opportunities to discuss therapy options and liaise with others to ensure the best therapy plan for the child.

Therapy has to be fun...........

Therapy can be delivered in a number of ways, which suits the child's needs in a chosen setting, for example:

  • weekly sessions (or more frequently if required)
  • fortnightly sessions
  • monthly intervention
  • termly reviews
  • consultancy through the provision of activties and resources suitable to the childs needs

Sessions are supported with activities and suggestions which can be used and followed up with by school staff, families, and other people key to the child. This ensures that the therapy intervention is not restricted to the therapy session and allows for a holisitic approach, where everyone is actively supporting the child.


Therapy targets are provided and reviewed regularly, this ensures that a child's success can be rewarded and that the therapy being delivered is effective and appropriate. 


If you have any questions regarding assessments or therapy then please get in touch and Michelle would be delighted to help.

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